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Industrial Energy Management

    According to the legal provisions in force (Law 121/2014 updated by Law 160/2016), economic operators who consume more than 1,000 tep annually are required to appoint an energy manager, either by individual employment contract or by termination. a contract with an energy service company that has an energy manager. The 2030 climate & energy plan of the European Union set for all the stakeholders is our main objective.

   SEEI Technology can provide the services specific to the energy manager activity for industrial consumers. In the main, in the activity of energy management, the following will be done:

– elaborate the declaration and the energy consumption questionnaires according to the legal provisions in force;

– assist the Beneficiary in selecting suppliers and negotiating energy procurement contracts;

– elaborate the energy efficiency program, taking into account the recommendations resulting from the annual energy audit made available by the Beneficiary, according to the legal provisions in force;

– monitor the monthly consumption of energy resources on the basis of standard questionnaires to be completed by the Beneficiary;
– provide the Beneficiary with active support and advice on energy efficiency issues;
– collaborate with the decision-makers of the company to obtain their support in the development and implementation of measures to increase energy efficiency;
– assist the Beneficiary in the ANRE controls, whenever this is requested by the Beneficiary.

Cities and Community Energy Management

    Due to the important role of urban communities in implementing the national energy efficiency policy, the Department of Energy Efficiency, within the Ministry of Energy, by Law 121/2014, and subsequently amended by Law 160/2016, has introduced specific obligations regarding the implementation of the energy efficiency programs. All the regulations must be according with the European Green Deal

1. The authorities of the local public administration in the localities with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants have the obligation to draw up the PIEE (Energy Efficiency Improvement Program), and PAED (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) which includes energy efficiency measures for the next 3-6 years.

2. The authorities of the local public administration in the localities with a population of more than 20,000 inhabitants have the obligation:

-to draw up the PIEE, which include short-term measures and measures for 3-6 years;

– to follow the objectives set in PAED;
-to appoint an energy manager, certified according to the legislation in force or to conclude an energy management contract with a natural person certified under the conditions of the law or with a legal person providing energy services approved under the conditions of the law.