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Business Analysis and Cost Control

   With the help of the integrated information platform that represents a basic package with the customization of the software applications, dedicated to any type of industry of products / services with long execution time, that is to say production in progress / services in progress, that manages the current activity of management, resources human, materials, machinery and equipment, planning the logistic support of the current activity, as well as the current and scheduled maintenance, the monitoring of the critical variables in the risk management for the directly productive activity for the specific activity of the company and has the following specifications:
    Complete dedicated management of the relational activity with suppliers and / or customers; complex partnership and / or group activities; 
   – Automation of the realization of incomes including the management of current and scheduled debts;

    – Complete management of human resources;


    – Integrated project management and management of their implementation using mobile systems with Internet access; 
    – Operational control of costs / expenses on work processes; 
    – Evaluation of business and project performance (business intelligence); 
    – Tracking the physically dispersed cost centers at the level of daily activity; 
    – Complete accounting and financial management at the level of management accounting through automated and personalized dedicated and vertical processes of business; 
    – Complete accounting and financial management at group / holding level with monthly balance for stock exchange listing; 
    – The possibility of importing / exporting data into dedicated single or two-way systems from digital production / service systems – with or without ISO 9001 and integrated energy management systems – with or without ISO 50001; other types of data integration limited on demand.